How to Select An eCommerce Web Development Company

The online market place is growing fast as many people continue embracing online shopping. With the growth, new online stores are coming up every day to tap into the growing market. Having a responsive and functional website is among the key strategies that entrepreneurs use to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition in the highly competitive online market.

To achieve a great e-commerce platform, it is advisable to employ the services of a competent and professional web design company.

Factors to consider when selecting an e-commerce web Development Company

Impressive web design portfolio

A competent web design company should have a Portfolio that you can use to evaluate the company. Using their portfolio, you will be able to tell whether they have previous experience that is similar to your project. In their portfolio, you can check to see whether the websites are professionally well designed and whether any, in particular, is appealing to you.

Here are some factors that you should take into consideration.

  • Do their web designs each look unique or similar?
  • Are their designs responsive?
  • How long do the websites take to load?
  • Do the sites rank well on search engines?

Client feedback and Testimonials

To establish whether a web design company has what it takes is of utmost importance. You can achieve this by checking out testimonials and client feedback on their website. Don’t leave it there, go ahead and ask for references and make sure to follow them to discover their experiences with the web design company before engaging its services.

References can help you to establish among others whether:

  • The web design company completed the project on time
  • The web design company has a way of obtaining all relevant and sufficient information from the client
  • They encourage and consider the client’s input
  • The web design company provides the best ROI for the client
  • There was anything in particular that the client did not like about the web design company, and lastly
  • The client recommends their service

Capital required to engage the web design firm

To establish whether you can afford the services of the web design company is a factor worth considering. The firm can be top-notch with excellent responsive designs which rank impressively, but if they are beyond your budget, it’s an effort in futility. You can try to find a small web design company that is equally competent. Avoid being guided by pricing as the only factor. Try to establish the billing methods for various web design firms to come up with the right one for your needs and budget.


Does the web design company possess the necessary skills in web design to deliver a top notch website? Through an interview with them, you can tell whether they have the core skills in areas such as search engine optimization, HTML code, load time, browser compatibility and many others.

Professionalism and communication

A competent web design company should be ‘one that handles itself and communicates professionally. The way the web design company communicates will tell a lot about their overall culture, mannerism and how they work. When you visit their offices, you can establish whether the employees are happy as they are the ones that will work on your project. If the office is disorganized and the employee morale is down, don’t expect much from such a firm.

Company responsiveness and after sales

A competent web design company should be responsive. Establish how they respond to your inquiries from the first instance. Remember that you will need the company even after they have delivered the website. Also, check to find out whether they have an after sales service. Meaningful Web design companies will have a free after sales support for a specified duration.  We recommend Shopify as it offers one of the best ecommerce templates in the market!